Xiaomi Mi Band Review

Xiaomi Mi Band is a really good start for people who are new to fitness trackers. People love the Xiaomi Mi Band not only because of its functions, but the Xiaomi Mi Band is the cheapest fitness tracker available on the market.

Xiaomi Mi Band Review

Xiaomi Mi Band Review

We conduct our review of Xiaomi Mi Band and believe that the review below will give you a good understanding of this device.

In general, Xiaomi Mi Band does not have special features. It does not own high-class design, nor is equipped with a led screen. However, Mi Band still accomplishes great tasks. It tracks your step, sleep, works well with your phone and has an impressive battery life of up to 3 weeks or a month.

Xiaomi Band

Xiaomi is the largest smart phone manufacturer China. They are popular as making good high-tech products at affordable price.

The Xiaomi Mi Band is their first product generation in wearable technology. The Xiaomi Band at around listed price of $19.99 is the cheapest fit band on the market.

That is why the Xiaomi Band has become a very popular product, especially in China and some developing countries.

Xiaomi Mi Band Review

Xiaomi Mi Band is a typical basic fitness tracker. It performs quite well all four key features that include step tracking, sleep tracking, sleep-cycle smart alarm and call notification.

There is a bonus “phone unlock” function, but it only works with Xiaomi’s smart phones.

When you buy the Xiaomi Mi Band, you will get the device, a USB cable and a manual. You will need the cable to connect the fit band with a computer for charging. The manual may be in Chinese, but you can easily find the English version on the website of Xiaomi.

The product is small, light weight and easy to wear on hand. And the Xiaomi Mi Band support following trackings:

Step tracking

This is the most basic feature of all fitness trackers. On the daily basis, the device will count your steps. At the end of the day, when you connect the device with your smart phone, data will be transferred to the Mi Fit software on the phone wirelessly.

This function operates similarly as other fit bands. In our test, the Xiaomi Mi Band performed really well the syncing data. We have performed the sync many times but none of them having trouble.

In our test, the sync function on Xiaomi Mi Band outperforms other fit bands on the market. Many high-class products sometime can’t sync data properly and may need a reset/restart.

In another test we performed, the Xiaomi Mi Band and Fitbit Charge HR have given very close results to each other with variance in step count of less than 5% of total step trackers.

The fact is that both two products can’t provide a precise count as our manual count but such result is motivating enough.

Sleep tracking

Xiaomi Mi Band also performs really well the sleep tracking function. When other budgeted fit bands only have manual sleep tracking feature, Xiaomi Mi Band tracks your sleep automatically based on a number of body movement indicators.

It can also detect when you have light sleep or deep sleep. Deep sleep is the stage when your body does not move much, and you really sleep in a deep mode.

Sleep-cycle smart alarm

We are really interested in this alarm function. The Xiaomi Mi Band knows when you are in slight sleep to awake you more gently around the time you set.

Of course, this will leave you feeling less groggy than hard wake up alarm on your smart phone.

Call notification

The call notification will if you turn on the bluetooth and keep the Xiaomi Mi Band connected with your phone through the day. When there is an incoming call, the Mi Band will vibrate on your wrist to let you know.

We have tested a distance of around 25 feet and the Xiaomi Mi Band worked really well. With this function, you do not need to keep your phone with you but can leave it somewhere around without miss an important call.

It is made in a 12-step process

It is made in a 12-steps process

Calories burned

The Mi Fit app on your phone will give you an overview of how much calories you have burned during the day. Like other fitness trackers, this is an estimate based on algorithms rather than the real measures.

After a week or a month using Xiaomi Mi Band, this data will be helpful to give you an overview of your activity habit.

Xiaomi Mi Band Design

The Mi Band has an oval-shaped tracking module and a rubber band. You can select a colorful rubber band or keep it as the default black band.

If you want to own more than one band, then you can easily buy a package of color bands on the Amazon. It is not difficult to replace the band when you need.

Xiaomi Mi Band has many colors for you to choose

Xiaomi Mi Band has many colors for you to choose

Water Proof

The Mi Band is much better than other fit bands with the Waterproof IP67 rating. This mean that the device can be put down in water up to 1m without being damaged.

Therefore, you can be still confident of wearing the device if you wash your hand, walk in the rain or even when you are having a shower. However, you should not wear the device if you go swimming.

Battery life

The Xiaomi Mi Band can be used up to 30 days between charges. For a few days in our test, the Mi Band only consumed 2-4% of battery each day that we have no doubt about its batter life.

It is not impressive as Misfit products, which use coin lithium battery, which may last 4-6 months. However, Mi Band battery is chargable via USB cable.

It takes less than two hours to charge the Xiaomi Mi Band. Two hours charge for 30 days use is much better than fitness bands with a screen.

The product has three indicator lights. When it is charging, the indicator lights flash intermittently. When it is fully charged, the lights will stop flashing.

Xiaomi Mi Band is charged via USB cable

Xiaomi Mi Band is charged via USB cable

Mi Fit App

There are few functions in the Mi Fit app. It just has enough modules to work with the Xiaomi Mi Band. On the start, the main screen of the app shows the number of steps you have gained during the day.

The app also estimates calories burned and how far you have gone based on the number of steps you took.

In the setting view; you can set up the incoming call notification and see the battery status. You can also set up the smart alarm on the Mi Fit App then sync the alarm to the device.

Mi Fit app is a very basic app

Mi Fit app is a very basic fitness app

When the device is connected, you can also use the find Mi Band function if you do not know where it is.


Xiaomi Mi Band is really valued for money fitness tracker. It will be perfect for people who don’t know where to start or someone who just needs basic tracking function.

People who don’t like high tech product can still find the Xiaomi Mi Band is very easy to use.

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