Fitbit Zip Review: The basic wireless activity tracker

The Fitbit Zip is the first wearable device made by Fitbit.

It has many features that are not the same as other fitness bands. The most important different is related to the battery. Fitbit Zip uses a replaceable coin battery, which last approximately 6 months.

Therefore, if you buy the Fitbit Zip, you will not have to charge it regularly like other rechargeable battery fitness trackers.

Fibit Zip Review

Fitbit Zip Overview

If you are looking for freedom from fitness trackers on wristbands, the FitBit Zip will be a great choice. It is really small, lightweight. It does a great work to track your daily activities.

As the name suggests, all components are zipped in the size of a 1.4-inch product. It is really a small device and is easy to carry with you anywhere.

Fitbit Zip is a small fitness tracker

Fitbit Zip is a small fitness tracker

Fitbit Zip Review: Features

Fitbit Zip is so small that you can put it in your pants pocket and forget about it. It will keep doing its work during the day. It tracks your activity even when you are not aware of its presence.

Because Fitbit Zip is one of the very first fitness bands on the market, it only supports basic tracking functions similar to Xiaomi Mi Band and UP Move by Jawbone.

Here are features that Fitbit Zip supports:

  • Steps, Distance, Calories burned
  • Active Minutes
  • Clock
  • Mobile/Online Tool at

Track steps, distance and calories burned

The Fitbit Zip is designed to track steps based on movement of your body. So, you should not wear the Fitbit Zip in a direct contact with your skin.

There is a silicone holder in the product package for you to clip it on your clothe. Fitbit Zip will work best if you wear it as close as possible to the body.

Wear your Fitbit Zip as close to your body as possible

Wear your Fitbit Zip as close to your body as possible

During the day or the workout, it will track and record your steps. The calories burned are not measured by the device but is measured by complex algorithms, which based on your data input (age/height/weight), and your activities level during the day.

Active minutes

The Fitbit Zip can also measure your active minutes. They are the time when you do exercise you do the activities at a more strenuous level than regular walking.


The Fitbit Zip has a clock screen, where you can check the time. However, it does not support sleep tracking and there is no alarm function.

Since the Fitbit Zip does not track your sleep, you can take it off completely at night.

If you often do not sleep well, another fitness tracker will be a better choice to help you track your sleep. The smart alarm function usually comes with fitness trackers which support sleep tracking.

Fitbit Charge HR is one of those products, which will wake you silently and gently every morning with its smart alarm cycle.

Fitbit Zip Review: Battery life

The battery life of Fitbit Zip is the feature that busy people will have nothing to complain about. It should last up to 6 months (according to Fitbit).

However, if you use the Fitbit Zip more regularly, you should not expect a six-months battery life. Four months will be much more realistic. Each time you need to change the battery, you will need to spend around $6 for it.


At the listed price of $59.95 (when we write this review), this one isn’t the cheapest fitness tracker on the market. The Xiaomi Mi Band) is selling for rock bottom prices.

However, Fitbit Zip is now the cheapest product among Fitbit’s family of fitness trackers. It will also be a really good start if you have never used a fitness tracker before.

While Fitbit is the leader in the market at the moment, you can also upgrade it later without losing any data, which was tracked and synced.

Fitbit Zip Review: Design

While Fitbit One has only two color options, Fitbit Zip comes in several colors, like azure, pink, lime and white.

It is designed similar to the Fitbit One that you can comfortably put on a belt, or a bra.

Syncs wirelessly

The Fitbit Zip was built in with bluetooth connection. The device will pair with smart phone and sync data automatically during the day if you keep the bluetooth on your phone enabled.

If you do not want your phone battery drain, then you can turn off the all day sync function on the Fitbit App.

Though the Fitbit Zip can store minute-by-minute data for 7 days, the more regular you sync it with your phone, the less trouble you will have with your device. This is the conclusion I made from many times dealing with syncing problem of different fitness trackers.

The Fitbit Zip also comes with a dongle that helps you sync the data with your computer. This feature is great for people who don’t use a smart phone but still want to keep their lives in a simple way.

Fitbit Zip unboxed

Fitbit Zip unboxed

Fitbit App

The FitBit App comes with pre-programmed physical activity goals. These default goals include 10,000 steps or five miles in a day and 30 active minutes. However, you can adjust the default goals anytime with the Fitbit App on smart phone or on your computer.

The FitBit App allows you to log your food, water. While it is a good idea to know about your meals, it is a lot of work to be involved.

You must understand your consumption pattern and get the most out of the data. So the food log is sometime very time-consuming. It is not something fancy but always there if you want to try.


Fitbit Zip is like other Fitbit devices that it is not waterproof. You should never wear the device when you swim or have a shower, the device will easily be damaged. Small rain and hand washing will not damage the Fitbit Zip.


Being a tiny device, Fitbit Zip is lightweight. It is equipped with a small clip at the back, with which you can fasten it to your clothing. The Fitbit Zip comes with four colors, and you may choose any that you find you like most.

Its battery life is the one that you will really love. You will have not to worry about for a very long time.

If you are looking for a basic, small fitness tracker that you can forget during the day, FitBit Zip is perfect for you. It will keep tracking your activities through the day.

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