Fitbit One Review: Top rated fitness tracker

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker Plus Sleep Tracker is a very successful product. It is the best rated fitness band on Amazon.

It is in the middle class on the market. It offers steps tracking; distance tracking; calories burned calculation; stairs climbed tracking.

In addition, Fitbit One also measures your sleep quality while will wake you up with a silent alarm.

Fitbit One Review

Fitbit One Review

Fitbit One Review: Design

FitBit One is a small device that you can forget about it during the day. That is great that while you are doing your work, the Fitbit One tracks your activities, collect the data silently and report to you later.

People may worry about losing it because the device is quite small. However, from my observation, The silicone clip of Fitbit One seems to be good enough to keep the device with you.

You should only worry if you do hard exercise works, which require a lot of movements such as tennis or baseball.

Fitbit One is smaller than most of fitness trackers

Fitbit One is smaller than most of fitness trackers

Fitbit One is one of a very first product from Fitbit. You cannot wear it on your wrist, but you can only clip it on your clothing.

Most of Fitness Tracker allow you to wear on the wrist so this is one disadvantage of Fitbit One. However, if you always feel uncomfortable with a large device on your wrist such as Microsoft Band 2 or Fitbit Blaze, then the Fitbit One becomes a perfect device for you.

Fitbit One Review: Features

Fitbit One is the second product made by Fitbit. The Fitbit One offers tow additional function that Fitbit Zip does not have, which are tracking floors climbed and sleep tracking plus alarm.

There is an interesting fact is that Fitbit One even offers more tracking function than the Fitbit Flex, a product which people tend to think is more modern and advance.

Fitbit One is a basic product if compared to others within Fitbit Family

Fitbit One is a basic product if compared to others within Fitbit Family

Fitbit One is a every day Fitness Tracker and has following tracking fuction/features:

  • Step Tracking, Distance and Calories burned
  • Floors Climbed
  • Active Minutes
  • Sleep Tracking and Alarm
  • Clock

Step Tracking, Distance and Calories burned

All fitness trackers from basic to advanced product will track your step. Nevertheless, there are different in technology used for this purpose. Fitbit uses latest technology in its device to measure steps you have taken.

Based on the number of steps you walked/run, the Fitbit App will calculate (it actually is an estimate) the distance you have walked or ran.

The calories burned as we said many times is calculated based on algorithms rather than the hard fact. All fitness trackers’ apps are doing this, but not just the Fitbit App.

However, algorithms really reflect data input and how much workout you did during the day.

Fitbit App is a great app among fitness trackers

Fitbit App is a great app among fitness trackers

Floors Climbed

All Fitbit Products (if support measuring floors climbed) use a same technology. They have an altimeter sensor, which can detect when you’re going up or down in elevation. Then the device will register one floor every time you go UP 10 feet at one time.

Yes, it only registers floor when you go up.

Active Minutes

All Fitbit trackers can recognize and award the active minutes. When you do the activities at a more strenuous than regular walking, then the device will record the time as active minutes.

The active minutes include everything from a brisk walk to a cardio workout or run.

Sleep Tracking and Alarm

Sleep tracking has become more and more important if you really care about your health. A recent research even concludes that sleep is more important than food.

Therefore, the sleep quality is truly a matter you need to think about when you choose a fitness tracker. You may never know about your sleep quality until the fitness tracker reports you awoke 25 times.

Sleep quality is really a matter, which keeps you productive at work

Sleep quality keeps you productive at work

The device can track your sleep, but you have to wear sleep wrist band, which will keep the Fitbit One on your wrist during your sleep.

You may think there is no problem with it, but people are lazy enough with the process of clipping and unclipping the Fitbit One everyday.

If you really need to track your sleep, I would suggest other products such as Flex or Fitbit Charge HR. Because you can easily wear the Fitbit Charge HR on your wrist, the sleep tracking will be much easier.

You have to use the sleep wrist band to help Fitbit One to track your sleep

You have to use the sleep wrist band to help Fitbit One to track your sleep

And the last thing worth to mention is that the Fitbit One will not track your sleep automatically like advanced fit bands. When you are ready to fall asleep, you need to press and hold the tracker’s button for 2+ seconds to start sleep tracking mode.

When you wake up, you need to repeat this process again to turn Fitbit One to normal tracking mode.

Alarm and Clock

The alarm function in Fitbit product will wake you silently. However, the alarm of Fitbit One seems only to work when you use it with the sleep wrist band to track your sleep. In addition, you can also expect to know the time with Fitbit One.

Fitbit One Review

Fitbit One Battery

The battery has always been one key concern of fitness tracker users. The battery life of Fitbit One is good enough that it lasts for about 10 days to two weeks.

This battery life is much better than Fitbit Flex or Charge HR. Among fitness trackers with rechargeable built-in battery, Fitbit One is one of the best fitness trackers.

The charge can be done via a USB Cable which you will use to connect the Fitbit One with your computer. It takes around an hour to full charge the device.

Fitbit App

You need to have a Bluetooth enabled phone for Fitbit One. All fitness trackers have this similar technology. The Bluetooth will wirelessly sync devices to your phone.

The syncing of Fitbit works nicely with your computer, iOS devices and other android devices.

In our reviews, the Fitbit App works better than Microsoft Band 2 App and the Misfit App.

Fitbit App performs quite properly in syncing with smart phone

Fitbit App performs quite properly in syncing with smart phone

You will never lose the data even if you have lost the device. Data once synced will be saved in your Fitbit account that you can retrieve anytime in the future.

Syncing is not done automatically. You need to initiate the sync via the app on your mobile/phone.

The Display

Fitbit One comes with a display that allows you to see what you have done each day on the device itself. This means that you don’t have to sync it with your mobile every time you want some motivation.

The best part is that it doubles as a watch. Unlike the UP MOVE, which doesn’t even display the time, Fitbit One at least displays what hour of the day it is. This is pretty useful for people like me who spend busy days at the office and need to work on schedules.

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