Fitbit Charge HR Review: The best seller fitness tracker

Fitbit is the leader in the Fitness Tracker market. It owns fantastic fit bands. Fitbit Charge HR is one of the most successful products from Fitbit.

Fitbit Charge HR Review

Fitbit Charge HR Review

Fitbit Charge HR Review: a multiple features product

The Fitbit Charge HR has many useful features to help you measure daily activities.

It does not only provide a typical fitness measure metric, but also give you a record of your heart that. That is why it’s named Charge HR (Heart Rate). Its features include the followings:

Track your Heart Rate

The Fitbit Charge HR comes with two green lights at the backside, which keeps a tab on your heart rate all through the day even when you sleep. This is a function that is not popular amount fitness trackers but more popular in smart watch bands.

The function operates based on the PurePulse™ LED lights on the tracker. The led light help the device to detect blood volume/pressure changes, then device uses algorithms to estimate your heart rate automatically and continuously.

The led light help device to detect blood pressure

The led light help device to detect blood pressure

When you walk or run, you can see the change on the display. In default, the Fitbit defines three heart rate zone based on a percentage of your estimated maximum heart rate. These three zones give you information on what you should target when you practice daily exercise.

Like other fitness trackers and smartwatches, you cannot expect to see a precise hear rate measure as medical equipment. The wearable technology has not yet developed to that level.

However, the Fitbit Charge HR is still good at providing you an overview of your heart rate (including your resting heart rate) during the day.

Track your steps

When moving to step tracking function, the Fitbit performed perfectly in our test. And the fact is that most of the fitness trackers all perform well this function. We have never seen much different of different fit bands in counting steps.

However, device measure steps based on the movement of your hand (since most bands can be worn on the wrist). Therefore, if your hand has similar movements (for example, when you wash dishes) like when you walk, the device will continuously count.

Fitbit Charge HR Track Steps, Distance, Calories burned and more

It Tracks Steps, Floors, and more

Track floors

Fitbit Charge HR uses a altimeter sensor to detect when you’re going up or down in elevation.

It will count you one step when you climb about ten feet up at one time. It will not count when you go down.

The Fitbit Charge HR counts floors when there is a change in elevation in your body only, and will not count floors if you do exercise with your StairMaster.

Sleep Tracking

One of very important function that Fitbit Charge HR is equipped with is the sleep tracking function. You do not need to set sleep mode like lower price bands.

The Fitbit Charge HR automatically recognizes and records your sleep time during the day-and-night base on your hand/body movement. In generally, the device set the target of 8 hours sleep for you because this is a common target value to many people.

After tracking the sleep a few weeks, you can see the log on how you have performed and how well you slept. This obviously will help you to change your habit for a healthier life.

Fitbit Charge HR will let you know how terrible your sleep was

You know how terrible your sleep was


The Fitbit Charge HR also is equipped with many essential functions and all work quite well which include alarm. You can set several alarms for the device on the mobile and then sync to push them to the device via bluetooth connection.


The Fitbit Charge HR is also like a watch on your wrist. In a recent firmware updated in the middle of 2015; the clock becomes very smart like what Apple Watch does.

The quick view setting allows you to set automatic screen turns on when you move your arm up near your face to view the screen. This is an amazing function that people really love the firmware update. You can also set the Fitbit Charge HR to display date and month on the quick view.

Call notification

Another very useful function that Fitbit Charge HR offer is call notification. If you can keep the bluetooth turned on during the day, then you can set the call notification that the device will vibrate when there is an incoming call to your phone.

It is comfortable to wear the Fitbit Charge HR

It is comfortable to wear the Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit App

Fitbit products come with a great app, which gets synced wirelessly and automatically from your computer/laptop or smart phone to the Fitbit Charge HR.

Fitbit app can get synced with over 150 types of Windows, iPhone and Android smart phones. You can use most of the popular smart phones on the market to install Fitbit App and sync data with the Fitbit Charge HR.

The data is saved on the app and on Fitbit Online account, which you can easily restore if you lost your mobile phone or have to uninstall it for any reason.

Fibit come with a great app on Andoir, iOs, Window

Fibit come with a great app on Andoir, iOs, Window

Calculate calories burned

The Fitbit app estimates calories burned based on number factors. Those factors include physical data you entered when you set up an account with Fitbit App: Gender, Age, Height, Weight, the activity recorded by the device, and any activities you log manually.

The fact is that the Fitbit App estimates calories burned based on the facts and input data rather than your real calories’ burning rate.

The app estimates total calories you will need to burn on the regular basis then count it up during the day. That is why you will still see the calories count even if you do not wear the device on the wrist.

Log the meals and water

People may find this function but may not use them because you have to do it manually. In the Fitbit App, you can log your meal by entering the amount of calories you eat each time. The app then will save the meal in the log for the ease of use in the future.

You can also scan barcode to log the food, but please do not expect much from this function.


The battery of Fitbit Charge HR has a battery that is good enough. In a normal use, the battery lasts for around nearly 4-5 days depend on how much you do exercise.

Among fit bands with a screen, a battery life of 4-5 days is quite good. It takes around 2-3 hours to charge the Fitbit Charge HR via a cable connected with the computer.

If you really need a longer batter life, then some products without a screen will perform better with a batter of up to one month or three month with Misfit bands.

The rubber strap

The product’s strap is made from rubber and is not something classy. If one has to wear the activity monitor 24/7, then the strap should be allergy resistant.

Because when the weather warms up, your wrist will sweat and there are many people who can have allergic reactions when their sweat reacts with the rubber strap. The only way to combat this is that you must keep your strap clean after every workout, or you can wash it every day.

There are four colors available for you to choose. You can select any of those which fit best with your style. If you do not know what is a best fit color, then choose the black. The black color will be the safe choice in most cases.

Fitbit Charge HR has various colors

Fitbit Charge HR has various colors

Water proof?


Though the device is water-resistant, you cannot swim or have showered with the device. A little water will not damage it, but wearing it 24/7 does not give your skin a chance to breathe.

If the device gets wet, try to dry it thoroughly before wearing it again.


Fitbit offers 12 months product warranty on the original purchase. Most of the time, they agree to replace you a new product if it is broken or stopped working during the warranty period.

In the past, they also generously offer replacement for second/third time if the replaced device is broken again with 12 months from replacement. This was what they over delivered than what they promised.

However, from early 2016 they decided to follow their warranty term and market as well. They provide warranty for 12 months from the original purchase date only.

How precise Fitbit Charge HR is?

There is no fitness tracker that can give you a precise measure. Most of the time, it gives you a good measure of your tracking activities. The Fitbit Charge HR is not an exception.

You will sometime hear that the heart rate function on Charge HR is not accurate. You should understand that ‘wrist-based heart monitoring’ science is still in its infancy stage. If you are looking for very precise systems, then this is not for you. A chest HR would be better.

The step tracking on Charge HR will let you know how far you have walked/run. If you see it give you a wrong data, then you can adjust your stride length to make the estimate become more accurate.

Another solution is that you can install a running tracker app on mobile, which supports GPS. Many apps like that are compatible with Fitbit App.

Fitbit Charge HR Review: Video Review

If you need more information, please check out the follow video review which is the best review on Youtube.

Final Though

If you do not need to track your heart rate, the Fitbit Flex or Fitbit One are good choices for you at lower prices. It is already there on the market and is smaller as compared to the Charge HR version.

Fitbit friends community

An interesting thing with Fitbit products is that there is a large community out there.

The Fitbit app allows you to accept challenges from friends. If your friend hasn’t met with his or her goals, it surely gives you that undefined joy.

This feature gives Charge HR an extra leap over the other wearable devices. Not only, Charge HR monitors your activity; it also helps you in staying connected with others.

If you want to meet some new Fitbit friends, then join the Fitbit Friends Facebook Group. You will have chance to connect, talk with others. Sometime it will be really fun to know other stories.

Where to buy Fitbit Charge HR?

The listed price is about $149.95 at the time we review the product. When comparing with other fit bands, FitBit Charge HR is at the high-end market. If you really want to monitor your heart rate, go for it. You can buy it from Fitbit authorised retailers.

It is important to not that Fitbit has some authorized retailers, and Ebay is not in the list. You can place an order directly at Fitbit Store but will not get some kind of discount like what Amazon often offers.

Sizing Tool

Fitbit Charge HR has small, medium and large band. Please make sure that you download and print out the sizing tool below to check which band will fit your wrist. Fitbit Charge HR sizing tool.

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